About Me

I hail from Penang, Malaysia. I relocated to the UK in 2013 to do my MSc at Bristol University and have been here ever since!

Work with me

I'm interested in doing reviews of food and sponsored product reviews.

I'm interested in one-off opportunities such as volunteering and hackathons – or both combined such as DataKind.

My freelance consultancy rate is £ 60 p.h.

Yes, I will fix your PC and no, I will not do it for free (refer to my consultancy rate above) unless you're a customer through the RNIB hotline.

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My sites

These are the sites hosted on this domain.


My code blog posting code snippets.


My food blog documenting my eating escapades.

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I'm offering an email alias (send and receive emails with <YOUR NAME>@neo.my) and a 3rd level domain <YOUR NAME>.neo.my with full DNS.

Free if you can prove that your name is Neo otherwise it's £ 5 per year.

Domain name squatters are not welcome. Dr ANDREW FANG HAO SEN (Blogger profile) )is one such domain squatter who wanted to resell my domain at a profit.


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